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SleekImages Artist Reception at Wicked Grounds: March 17th, 7-9 PM

On Saturday March 17th 2012, from 7-9 PM, Wicked Grounds Café will host a reception for artists Zille and Mr Defeu from SleekImages Fetish Photography.

SleekImages art has been hanging on Wicked Grounds walls since their re-opening in January, and at this reception fans, visitors and supporters can meet the artists, as well as have an opportunity to view, discuss and purchase the framed high quality metallic photographic art prints.

The show is a selection of SleekImages' work over the past 15 years, with a wide variety of fetish and sexual styles being showcased. From spanking to latex catsuits, from adult baby to foot fetish, in studios, on location and in public, the collection includes material from local public events like the Folsom Street Fair and Pride Parade, fetish events from all over the world, as well as directed fetish shoots by Zille and Mr Defeu. Over the years they have built up an impressive fetish photography portfolio, both individually and as a team, showcasing an impressive group of professional BDSM and fetish models and amateur enthusiasts captured in real-life play.

Part of the proceeds of the sales go to Wicked Grounds, so fans of this wonderful community space are encouraged to come out and support their café, and local artists. The images are deliberately priced low, to encourage maximum sales in support of the café and reflecting the artists' passion for their subject. Wicked Grounds is San Francisco's only kinky café, a space where all are welcome to share in their tastes for kink and truly excellent coffee, tea, and delicious foods.


The ballet world has recently been scandalously rocked by dancer Karina Sarkissova doing a sexy set in "Weiner" magazine. (The Austrians do have a sense of humour, it seems!) Here is one image, which I think is particularly lovely:

Karina Sarkissova by Moritz Schell (1)

Karina Sarkissova is lovely, but what is exciting me the most is actually the photographer, Moritz Schell. I don't know why I don't yet know his work, but I'm a huge fan now! Here are a couple reasons:

Dressur-Akt: Pictorial / August 2010 (1/2) Dressur-Akt: Pictorial / August 2010 (2/2)

It seems to me that if anyone is the heir apparent to my beloved Helmut Newton, it is Moritz Schell (which is just about as fun to say as "Helmut Newton"!)

More on the actual news item which led me to this, from the

The management of the prestigious institutions says solo dancer Karina Sarkissova was axed after a series of provocative photos of her appeared in the September issue of the Austrian men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine “Wiener.”

A statement on Friday said she had already been reprimanded in May for nude shots that were taken in the opera house without permission and published in the June edition of “Penthouse.”

“She was fired on August 23 after this new publication,” Dominique Meyer, the opera’s director, said, “The ballet corps has been shocked by these new images which appeared in the sex section,” he added.

“On the cover of the magazine, you could read 'The ballerina nude, the ballet as we love it,’” he said.

Sarkissova is an Austrian dancer of Russian origin. Born in 1983, she was trained at Russia’s famous Bolshoi Ballet and joined the Vienna Opera ballet in 2000.


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